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rlly tho if you guilt people for taking elevators you are a huge asshole

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*squints at suspiciously*
I don’t think this was made for fingers

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if I had a dog, I would totally take it to cons with a brown wig on it and watch the fma fans collapse in grief all around me

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someone reblogged one of my posts with this tag, and i just thought it was worth sharing

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[video] [h/t: sizvideos]

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Do you ever start a series and the entire time you’re watching the first episode you have your eye on that one character?


That one.

I want him.

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okay but just imagine:

carol and sam having AIR RACES

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atheistj inquired:

Hi! Love your blog. I'm just curious about how you think they were building up to Ward's rape threat? You've said before that you think there were a lot of moments hinting at it before he actually made the threat in the finale.


Sorry about the hurried answer, I don’t want to deal with the AoS fandom much longer tonight but on the top of my head…

Well, to begin with what Ward did to May was dubcon - he manipulated her into sleeping with him under false pretense. May didn’t know she was sleeping with a Nazi who wanted to destroy the team. Ward presented himself as a different person so whoever May wanted to have sex with wasn’t Ward, that person didn’t exist. so with the May issue we established that Grant Ward doesn’t care about women’s agency.

He’s a raging misogynist, so there’s that too. He doesn’t respect women.

He pulled possessive protective crap on Skye over and over - granted, most of it was when he was undercover but still it left a bad taste in the mouth.

Garrett as a creepy shipper on deck doesn’t spell anything good for Skye’s agency.

Garrett objectifies and verbally dehumanizes Skye in front of Ward and Ward is okay. As we see in the finale Ward will come to see Skye as a thing.

In retrospect how creepy is Ward’s “some things are meant to be” line?

Manipulates Skye into accepting his advances (“Turn turn turn”). then pressures Skye into accepting his advances (“The only light in the darkness”) even after Skye has stated clearly that she doesn’t want to start a relationship with him right now. More Ward not giving a shit about agency, this time more blatantly. Also using Skye’s empathy to manipulate her.

In retrospect how disgusting (and alarming) is Ward’s “I’m everyone’s type” line? He probably wasn’t May’s type and he manipulated her into sleeping with him. Skye wants to throw up at the mere mention of his feelings so Ward decides he will just take what he wants from her. Everyone’s type indeed, whether they like it or not.

Ward’s predator smirk at the end of “Providence”, when Skye opens the door for him and she turns around and Ward is framed in true horror film fashion. Predator predator predator.

The narrative and the editing makes a direct connection between Ward terrorizing Skye and Daniels terrorizing Audrey. Daniels is a stalker. Both Audrey and Skye are shown as victims of someone who wants to use their “goodness” as an instrument to absolve themselves. Both are seen as victims of men who think their feelings entitle them to these women’s love.

The way he is shot in “the only light in the darkness”, like the monster in a slasher movie with Skye as the final girl. The lighting and the music and Ward being such a menacing figure. It’s not hard to go from faceless monster who uses such a sadistic instrument as a wire to kill people to sexual predator upon seeing poor Skye being left alone with the killer.

Throughout “Nothing personal” Ward keeps indaving Skye’s personal space and touching her. The audience sees Skye is clearly disgusted and terrified by this touch. The whole episode has a clear whiff of sexual menace - the way Ward is shot, for example, when he hugs Skye, his head out of frame, the way they put the spotlight in the physical advantage Ward has over Skye, how hopeless she is against any aggression. The way Coulson asked “Did Ward hurt you?” when he could clearly see Skye was physically okay, so he was most probably hinting at something else - he had seen her holding hand with Ward against her will, it’s safe to assume Coulson was running worst case scenarios in his head for this.

Ward believes that the fact his “feelings” are true entitles him to pity or understanding or even forgiveness from Skye, In true abuser fashion he snaps and gets angry and agressive with Skye when she refuses to give him any of those things.

Rapist/abuser rethoric throughout “Nothing personal”. He tells Skye he would never hurt her - even though he has already hurt her and is hurting her now. Even more unwanted touchings. And the way he says “someday you’ll understand”, that sent a shiver down my spine.

Various instances in the finale, before the actual rape threat. Both Garrett and Raina use Skye as an incentive to get Ward to go along with their plans. They pretty much promise Ward that he can “keep” Skye if they won the battle. Garrett tells him he’ll make sure Ward gets what he wants (he uses what again, another instance of Garrett dehumanizing Skye in front of Ward). Raina promises they could be monsters together, that is that Skye will lose her humanity and maybe then Ward will have a chance to possess her. Everything Garrett and Raina say to Ward pains Skye as possible “spoils of war” to be awarded to Ward is he behaves like a good soldier. Eventually he takes this idea from heart and stops pretending that he cares if Skye gives consent or not, he just wants something for himself.

So yeah, I believe the rape threat was a long time coming. I wasn’t even surprised. By characterizing Ward as someone who didn’t care about women’s agency and had no respect for women in general the writers made sure that the rape threat didn’t come out of nowhere, or is included just for shock value.

Sorry for the disjointed answer. It’s been one of those night. If you want to discuss any of the points further, give me a shout. And thanks for the nice ask! <3

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okay but imagine:

  • natasha romanoff helping drunk girls get home and refusing to let them go by themselves
  • natasha romanoff punching gross men who catcall girls
  • natasha romanoff speaking out against slut shaming
  • natasha romanoff always looking out for the girls in her neighborhood
  • natasha romanoff supporting all girls no matter what
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There’s A Hole In My Soul;
Songs for The Demon’s Lexicon Trilogy

Incantation~Loreena McKennitt//Human~Daughter//God’s Gonna Cut You Down~Johnny Cash//In the Sea~Ingrid Michaelson//Glory and Gore~Lorde//The Ruler and The Killer~Kid Cudi
//Night Terror~Laura Marling//C’est La Vie~Vanessa Carlton//Take Me to the Riot~Stars//I Just Love You More~Kate Nash//Help, I’m Alive~Metric//Flaws~Bastille


Who am I ? It seems like an easy question. And then I realize… Maybe what I said to those cops wasn’t a joke. Maybe the name belongs to whoever has the courage to fight. And so I tell them. “You can call me Ms. Marvel. And if you cooperate, I won’t throw you again." I tell them who I am.

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why do gays get blamed for floods AND droughts? pick one you assholes we aint the fucking avatar

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petition for someone else, anyone else, to write the new captain america

and to bring america chavez in as a regular character

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