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i want them 2 be shitty college roommates and drink together and arm wrestle everybody tbh

you’re the wild type, sarah

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costume. secret hideout. sidekick. dastardly enemy. what’s missing? theme music. i need theme music.
ms. marvel 006

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→ Elizabeth Comstock/Anna Dewitt (Bioshock Infinite)

I wanna see Paris. I wanna see everything.

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Punishment doesn’t mean you aren’t loved. On the contrary. You can really only punish someone you love.

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I have some free time so I animated Katara waterbending

New short animation I did for fun


Sailor Moon by 浅暖 on pixiv

oddballgrrrl inquired:

Imagine Bucky and Natasha at a diner in the middle of nowhere at 3 am


bucky takes another bite of his truly phenomenal pumpkin pie and winces as his injured foot hits the leg of natasha’s chair. after a long night of fighting (and defeating) evil, the team had gone their separate ways - tony and bruce back to the tower (lab), steve and thor out on a midnight grocery run (because thor insisted that the only thing acceptable to eat after a battle was lucky charms), and clint off to an archery range to burn off some leftover adrenaline

nat had suggested they go off the map a little ways, somewhere that wouldn’t be overcrowded or overpriced and had great dessert options, so bucky grabbed her hand and dragged her to his favorite hole-in-the-wall diner

"this is nice," nat says, smiling at him all gentle and sweet, her busted lip making it a little lopsided and all the more adorable

"i’m pretty sure half your ribs are cracked and i got stabbed like three times. i don’t know how you could possibly think that’s nice," he says, eyebrows raised incredulously

she just shrugs, grins even bigger, and steals a bite of his pie

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Probably the most dissrespectul thing you could do to character’s like Pietro and Wanda is change them from mixed race, jewish, complex characters who are part of the most symbolic fictional minorities ever created

into whitewashed, “troubled”, neo-nazi youth

Fuck you, Joss Whedon

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[gets extremely offended when anyone implies my favorite characters are straight]

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it’s almost like statistics and science are abstract tools that are only as objective as the people using and speculating based on data collected as such!  it’s almost like statistical and scientific data are completely meaningless without additional human speculation!!  it’s almost like literally everything is subjective and if you think your particular selection of and conclusions about statistics and science are the only Truly Objective ones then you’re obnoxious and you don’t understand statistics or science!!!  wow!!!!!

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